Styled by Le Fleur

Most people waste too much money on clothes that go out of style as quickly as they came in. So we exist to hand select classic pieces sourced from trusted designers to ensure you remain timeless through every passing trend.

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Back to basics

Let’s go back to basics. This is the foundation of a sustainable closet. For Fall essentials, you should have a solid black long sleeve & a solid white long sleeve. These are pieces that can be found at great price points. Black and white go with almost everything & are safe options.


A quilted vest

This piece is a timeless style that remains “in” at all times. The color of course up to you, but trying to stick with a nice, neutral color in order to maintain that versatility. 


Winter Jacket

A go-to pea coat. This is not a puffy, oversized, winter coat. This is a jacket that you feel confident in & that speaks class to you. Throwing over almost any look is safe as it is versatile in color & fit & you can wear year after year.