Meet the OWNER: Ollivia

I grew up in a small mid-Michigan community where the nearest shopping was at least 50 miles away. I’ve always had a passion for all things fashion, but it wasn’t until my husband (of now 3 happy years) encouraged me to aim high. So we pulled the trigger on a tiny little store front & from there we’ve exploded. The heart behind Le Fleur is about so much more than fashion. We are about STYLE. Style is not just about the clothing. Style is about personality & self confidence; It’s a lifestyle. It’s HOW you’re wearing a piece. How you FEEL when you’re wearing it. Expressing who YOU are. I am so thankful to have the opportunity to speak life & positivity into women’s lives through Le Fleur. It is our goal to encourage women of all ages & sizes to embrace their own rareness & to build a community that spreads this same kind of positivity.

Furthermore, it is thanks to my loving and supporting husband who inspired me to go ahead and take the leap. He knows the value in doing something you are passionate about, as he is currently chasing and catching dreams of his own. 

Le Fleur Boutique was not only created as source of inspiration for fashion, but also a gateway to share God's love with our shoppers and followers.

Thanks for stopping by and happy shopping!